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Crimean Federal University, Russia


About Crimean Federal University

  • The renowned university, Crimean Federal University, in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. The Crimean Federal University, founded in 2014, provides top-notch medical education in Russia. The university has offered numerous organizational, scientific, and methodological components that support the educational process of the Russian MBBS program ever since it was founded.
  • The university supplies a highly focused clinical department with the necessary tools that meet or align with contemporary requirements. Despite being one of Russia’s top universities, the tuition fee at Crimean Federal University is reasonable and affordable. Furthermore, the application procedure is simple.
  • Which has more than 7000 employees and over 32,000 students, including more than 3,000 international students from various nations, has a long history of excellent performance. 23 academies and institutes, 11 branches, 7 colleges, and more than 10 research and science institutions and centres are also part of Crimean Federal University.


Why opt for Crimean Federal Medical University for MBBS Studies?

The following justifications will demonstrate that choosing the Crimea Federal University was the right move:

  • In addition to having partnerships with reputable medical universities and institutions in Europe and other parts of the world, the university has very well-organized student exchange programs.
  • The university also enrols a sufficient number of Indian students, ensuring that it can offer students from all over the nation a comprehensive cultural experience.
  • Students at the university can also gain practical clinical experience at the government hospitals in Simferopol.
  • There are also Indian restaurants and eateries in the city that provide the best Indian cuisine to international students.
  • During the MBBS course, the university also gives students the chance to participate in a variety of research programs under the guidance of senior professors and instructors.
  • The cost of attending university is very low, and admissions are straightforward.
  • No other language study is necessary because the university offers English as a teaching language.


Short Summary of Crimean Federal University

  1. Year of Establishment- 1918
  2. Recognition- NMC and WHO approved
  3. Eligibility-  Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is 50%
  4. Total course length-  6 years
  5. Approved- NMC and WHO
  6. Requirement- NEET
  7. Medium of Instruction- English
  8. University Ranking- 151
  9. Country Rank- 19
  10. Global Rank-  3512


Benefits of studying medicine at Crimean Federal University

  • The Students can find employment in many different European countries after earning their MBBS.
  • Crimean Federal University offers all the tools required for students to reach their objectives and grow holistically.
  • The university is also furnished with the most recent practices and technologies that aid in competing on a global scale.
  • Students may get the chance to speak with the researchers working on the COVID-19 vaccine, which sparks their interest in the field.


MBBS program at Crimean Federal University Duration

The MBBS program at the Crimean Federal University lasts six years, of which five are spent in the classroom and one is required for an internship to gain clinical experience and practical knowledge.


Crimean Federal University’s faculties

  • Dentistry
  • Paediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • General medicine.


Qualifications For MBBS Study at Crimean Federal University

  • An aggregate of 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology is required.
  • NEET is needed.
  • Excellent skills in the English language.


Admissions to Crimean Federal University

The following steps must be completed to be admitted to the Crimean Federal University:

  1. Students must complete the application form, which is available on the Crimean Federal University website.
  2. The qualified student will receive an invitation letter after completing the registration form.
  3. Aspirants can apply for a visa after receiving an invitation letter.
  4. Tell the consultancy your expected arrival date so a representative can help you get to the university.


Documents Needed For The MBBS Admission Process At The Crimean Federal University

  • Passport photocopy
  • Tenth-grade scale
  • Twelve grade report
  • Admission letter
  • NEET qualify
  • Receipt of application form
  • Birth registration
  • Health certification
  • Passport-sized pictures


Crimea Federal Medical University, Hostel and Accommodation

Six hostels are owned by Crimea Federal Medical University and are used to house international students. Additionally, security is offered to guarantee the security of international students. Other services that are readily available to students include:

  • Reading room
  • Cafeteria
  • Gymnasium
  • Hot and cold water geyser
  • Playgrounds
  • Auditorium

If international students don’t want to travel home during the break, they can stay at the hostel. All of the facilities are open during the vacation period.


MBBS in Russia: Why?

  • One of the most educated nations in the world, Russia has an excellent educational system.
  • Many of the universities in Russia offer English as a language of instruction and do not require their students to learn any other languages.
  • A good study abroad option for Indian students in Russia.
  • Currency from Russia and India have the same exchange rate.
  • Russia offers an affordable cost of living and MBBS education.
  • Medical universities in Russia are accredited by the WHO and the NMC, giving students access to practice in different parts of the globe.
  • Russian cities offer welcoming environments for Indian and other international students.


Advantages of MBBS Study in Russia

  • Russia is a European nation that offers MBBS students the chance to find employment in other European nations.
  • The application process for MBBS programs at various universities in Russia is simple.
  • Numerous Russian universities offer admission without requiring students to take entrance exams.
  • Russia’s cost of living is comparable to Indian cities.
  • Many international students studying at Russian universities expose other students from other countries to other cultures.


We can help you get into Crimean Federal University’s MBBS program.

  •  Twinkle Institute AB assists applicants in completing the application with the utmost precision and without errors.
  • Offer all the pertinent assistance needed throughout the admissions process, such as visa, travel, scholarship, lodging, and so forth.
  • Always available to assist you if you run into any problems while the process is underway, and we also give students direction and training.
  • Twinkle Institute AB will assist in locating the top program and college that will enable students to fulfil their aspirations.
  • We also offer advice or help to the students in regards to obtaining loans and insurance.
  • To assist you in selecting the ideal option that satisfies your requirements—such as your budget, aptitude, ability, and area of interest—we use reliable sources.
  • We give you the appropriate information regarding the setting, prerequisites, requirements, admissions process, arrival procedure, and many other topics.


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