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Kazan Federal University, Russia


About Kazan Federal University

  • An established centre of academic excellence involved in various forms of international cooperation is Kazan Federal University. It is Russia’s second-oldest university and provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses taught in English. Go here to learn more.
  • Kazan Federal University has more than 10,500 international students from about 101 nations enrolled in academic programs. Research and exchange opportunities at the university also reflect its global perspective; KFU students and faculty members take part in bilateral research and exchange programs with more than 370 partners in 70 nations.
  • Discover a world of ideas, diversity, and culture with Kazan Federal University, which has always been regarded as a bridge between East and West.
  • Both inside and outside of the classroom, you will develop and discover your potential.
  • According to the World University Rankings 2021–2022, KFU is one of the top 350 universities in the world.


Kazan Federal University’s Goal

The following has been listed as Kazan Federal University’s mission:

  • Creation of a powerful academic and research hub to support creative regional and national development by offering top-notch academic programs, research, and technological advancement.
  • The growth of competitive human resources in the Volga Region, Russia’s most rapidly developing region, in the areas of petrochemistry, biotechnology, information technology, and machine building.
  • The development of Kazan’s distinctive cultural and educational heritage in the racially and religiously diverse transcontinental region, and the promotion of Kazan as a creative city and world-class academic hub.


The research and educational infrastructure at KFU consist of:

  • More than 5 million items are in the Nikolay Lobachevsky Scientific Library, including 150,000 rare and antiquated items.
  • With 868 beds and more than 30,000 serviced district residents each month, University Clinic.
  • Ten museums
  • 13,000-student (Universiade Village Dorm Complex) campus with sports fields, a clinic, security personnel, and various other amenities.
  • 11 cultural and athletic facilities.
  • Approximately 150 top-tier research facilities (OpenLabs, Centers of Shared Facilities).
  • More than 29 foreign academic and research institutions.


Affiliation And Recognition Of Kazan Federal University

  • Affiliated with EUA, IAU, EURAS, and AMBA,
  • Recognized by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • WHO endorsed


Why Select Kazan Federal University for MBBS Studies?

  • One of Russia’s most favoured universities is the Kazan Federal University, which offers undercover services to both domestic and foreign students.
  • There is no need to learn the local tongue because the only language used for instruction is English.
  • No additional fees or donation costs.
  • University also offers scholarships to both domestic and foreign students.
  • Professors have a lot of industry knowledge and expertise.
  • The university also promotes cultural and other activities for the student’s overall development.
  • Hostel facility is also accessible and reasonably priced, and it comes with all the necessities for students.
  • The dormitories at Kazan Federal University are self-contained and equipped.


Advantages of MBBS in Kazan Federal University

  • Cost of tuition is reasonable, affordable, and of excellent value.
  • Best selection process in a university, with simple admission requirements.
  • WHO ranks and recognizes Kazan Federal University in Russia for its medical degrees.
  • There is no language barrier for Indian students who wish to enrol in the English-medium MBBS program at Kazan Federal University.
  • Because the class size is small, teachers can give each student their undivided attention.
  • Cost of attending Kazan Federal University is significantly lower than that of private colleges in India.
  • There is no caste, gender, religious, or nationality-based discrimination.


Duration of the MBBS program at Kazan Federal University

An MBBS program at Kazan Federal University lasts a total of 6 years, including the internship. This includes 5 years of classroom study and 8 months of practical training. After finishing the course and passing the FMGE/NEXT exams, the one-year practical in India. The BDS program lasts for five years.


Kazan Federal University faculties

  1. Biology and Medicine faculties
  2. Environmental sciences department
  3. College of public administration
  4. Faculty of Chemistry Faculty of law
  5. Higher education in business
  6. International students’ preparation programs


Eligibility Requirement for MBBS Study At Kazan Federal University

  • Candidates for admission must have completed their Class XII/higher secondary school exams with Science subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Candidates must have at least a 50% (in PCB) aggregate in their CBSE/ISC 12th grade results.
  • The minimum age requirement at the time of admission for Student is 17.
  • All Indian students who plan to pursue an MBBS degree abroad must pass the NEET exam.
  • Your NEET scores are good for three years, but only if you want to enrol in an MBBS program outside of India.


Documents Needed For The Admissions Process At Kazan Federal University

The following paperwork is necessary:

  • 10th-grade transcript.
  • 12th-grade transcript.
  • NEET grade report.
  • 10 photos in passport size.
  • Official university invitation letter.
  • Records of medical tests (report).


Hostel And Accommodation At Kazan Federal University

Students may use any of the 30 high- and low-rise structures on the Kazan Federal University campus. For students, there are single, double, and triple sharing options. All necessary furnishings in the dormitory at Kazan Federal University, including beds, tables, chairs, and bookcases. Every amenity, such as a grocery store, café, hospital, pharmacy, etc., is situated on the campus itself. CCTV cameras are continuously watching over the hostel.


Why MBBS in Russia‘s Kazan?

  1. One of the most well-known cities in Russia is Kazan, which serves as the nation’s financial, political, educational, cultural, and sporting hubs.
  2. In terms of population density, the city came in at number eight in Russia.
  3. International sporting and cultural events, such as the World Student Games, 2015 FINA World Aquatics Championships, and the 21st FIFA World Cup, are frequently held in Kazan (2018).
  4. Excellent urban environment with a high level of safety in Kazan.
  5. Kazan is ranked ninth in Russia for education.


Benefits of Pursuing an MBBS in Russia

  • No Russian university requires a donation or capitation fee to be admitted.
  • Low tuition costs and reasonably priced living expenses.
  • There isn’t another entrance exam for admission to medical schools.
  • Since English is the language of instruction, learning the native tongue is not necessary.
  • Russian universities offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment.
  • Recognized by organizations such as UNESCO, WHO, MCI, and the European Council.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Que– Is Kazan Federal University good?

Answer– The Best Global Universities list places Kazan Federal University at position 824. Colleges are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized indicators of excellence. Learn more about our university rankings here.

Que– Is Kazan Federal University an English medium?

Answer– The Best Global Universities list places Kazan Federal University at position 824. Colleges are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized indicators of excellence. Learn more about our university rankings here.

Que– Is Kazan Federal University good for MBBS?

Answer– The top 5 medical schools in the entire Russian Federation are all located at KFU (Kazan Federal University). The MCI/NMC (National Medical Commission) and WHO both recognize it.

Que– Is there any entrance exam for Kazan Federal University?

Answer– yes, there is a entrance exam for Kazan Federal University.


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