MBBS In Russia Vs India


The popularity of the MBBS course of study in Russia among Indian students is rising quickly at the moment. As a result, during the past several years, there have been several thousand more students enrolling in Russian medical colleges. For those prospective Indian medical students who want to pursue high-quality medical education without having to break the bank, Russia has proven to be a fantastic option.


Why is Russia a Favorite Location for MBBS Abroad?

For many years, one of India’s closest allies has been Russia. It should come as no surprise that their various cultures, customs, and ideologies have garnered a lot of admiration. Therefore, the best choice for Indian students seeking further education is the MBBS program in Russia.


Here are some of the factors that influence Indian students’ decisions to pursue an MBBS in Russia:

Low Cost of Living:

Russia is one of Europe’s most prestigious and well recognized nations. The nation is renowned for its laid-back and joyful way of life. With MBBS in Russia, Indian students may also enjoy the luxuries of European living at a more affordable price than in other areas of the continent.

Global Reputation & Exposure:

Given its reputation, Russian medical degrees are widely regarded and acknowledged on a global scale, adding to their worth. As a result, a hard-earned medical degree from one of Russia’s best medical schools offers limitless chances at all levels by giving its holders an advantage in this fiercely competitive environment.


What are the contrasts and differences between MBBS in India and Russia?

The resemblance and differences between the curricula at Russian medical institutions and those at Indian medical universities are among the main concerns that students and parents have while choosing to study MBBS in Russia.

Here is a thorough comparison of the two degrees to allay the students’ questions and anxieties, giving them greater clarity while selecting their Russia program.


Eligibility Requirements:

There are no appreciable differences between the requirements for studying MBBS in Russia and India. According to the most recent NMC regulations, a student who wants to enroll in a medical program in India or overseas must have passed their 12th grade with a grade of C or better from CBSE, ISC, or a State Board, and they must also meet the following requirements:


  • Qualified Class-12th with PCB (50% for General Category, 45% for PWD Category, 40% for SC/ST/OBC Category).
  • The age of the candidate should not be less than 17 years.
  • The student must have qualified NEET UG (50th percentile for General Category, 45th percentile for PWD Category, 40th percentile for SC/ST/OBC Category).



The length of the MBBS program varies slightly between India and Russia. In contrast to India’s 5.5 years, the length of the MBBS program in Russia is 5.8 years, or around 6 years. However, the necessary observership and internship are included in the length of the MBBS program in Russia, but Indian students must complete separate one-year internships.



One of the biggest costs between studying MBBS in Russia and India, particularly at the private medical institutes in India, is this.

MBBS tuition in Russia might cost anywhere from INR 15 Lacs* and INR 50 Lacs* (for the whole course), depending on the university you choose and the additional services you purchase.

As opposed to this, private universities’ fees in India typically vary from INR 25 lakhs to INR 1 crore (for a whole study), and they may also include donations and other hidden expenses. The tuition for a government medical college in India is about between INR 11,000* and INR 7.5 lakh* (for a complete course).


The goals are & Possibilities:

With active participation in research and development from the very beginning, which happens much later with medical courses in India, studying MBBS in Russia gives more worldwide chances.


Top MBBS Universities in Russia for Indian Students

Here are the top 3 government colleges in Russia, which are well-liked by aspirant Indian medical students, out of the numerous institutions renowned for their MBBS programs.


Altai state medical university: 

Altai State Medical University was established in the middle of the year 1954. Secondly, Altai State Medical University is ranked 2nd top university in accordance to World University Rankings amongst the Top Ten Medical University In Russia. Moreover, Altai state medical university is situated in Barnaul city in the Altai Krai region of the Russian federation. Barnaul is a north-central city set along the river, Park contains old tombs and is on the western banks of the biya River.


Ulyanovsk state medical university:

The university, one of the leading universities in this region. Hosts around 16,000 students at six universities offering sixty-eight majors and boasts broad international ties. Ulyanovsk State Medical University is one of the Best Medical University In Russia.

There are currently 1700 international students pursuing MBBS and Pediatrics. At Ulyanovsk State University in the 18 different departments of the Faculty of Medicine.


Kazan Federal University:

It is one of the main scientific academies amongst all clinical universities in Kyrgyzstan. Because of its academic excellence, awesome lookup or years, and a extensive range of fields, it is additionally ranked amongst the pinnacle 10 establishments of greater training in the world.

In Kazan Federal University there are greater than 3300 school who find out about greater than 4700 clinical college students with undergraduate coaching courses, Postgraduate courses, internship programs, Ph.D. programs, requalification of scientific coaching at the university.

Validity of Russian Medical degree across the world

Validity of Russian MBBS degree across the world

Russian medical colleges may be a good alternative for students from other countries who want to pursue their MBBS degrees. However, it is crucial to understand the legitimacy of the Russian Medical degree globally before making a choice. The goal of this page is to give a general overview of the Russian MBBS degree and its recognition across the world.


Overview: The Russian Medical Degree

The MD Physician degree, which is similar to the MBBS degree granted in India, is regarded as the Russian counterpart of the MBBS degree. Some of Russia’s best medical schools, including Synergy University, Far Eastern Federal University, and Kursk State Medical University, offer the degree.

Six years, including the internship year, make up the course of study. Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Clinical Medicine are among the topics covered in the program, both theoretically and practically.


The significance of international degree validation

For medical graduates who intend to study MBBS abroad, international validation of a Russian MBBS degree is essential. There are a number of reasons why it is crucial to validate a degree, some of which are listed below.

Legal Requirements: In the majority of nations, a medical degree must be accepted by the relevant medical council or regulatory body in order to practice medicine. So it’s crucial to verify a Russian MBBS degree.

Professional Possibilities: For medical graduates in other nations, the validation of a degree enhances the likelihood of professional options.

Credibility and Reputation: Establishing credibility and reputation for medical graduates depends on the validity of a degree.

Personal and Professional growth: A medical graduate’s personal and professional growth depends on the validity of their degree.

WHO and other international agencies’ approval

The Russian MBBS degree is an internationally recognized medical degree since it is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). The National Medical Commission (NMC), formerly known as the Medical Council of India (MCI), has also acknowledged the degree, allowing Indian students who pass its screening exam to practice medicine in India.


Acceptance of the Russian MBBS Degree Worldwide

The acceptability of Russian MBBS degree programs varies across the world and is based on a number of variables, including the institution’s reputation, its curriculum, and the caliber of its instruction.

The majority of nations throughout the world do, however, recognize and accept Russian MBBS degrees.


European acceptance

In European nations including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, the Russian MBBS degree is generally recognized. Before practicing medicine in these nations, students would need to meet extra prerequisites including language competence.


North American acceptance

There are few countries in North America, notably the United States and Canada, that recognize the Russian MBBS degree. To practice medicine in these nations, graduates may need to go through an extra screening procedure and pass the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) or the MCC (Medical Council of Canada) exam.


Asia and other regions’ acceptance

In Asian nations like China, Japan, and Singapore, the Russian MBBS degree is highly respected. After completing the necessary criteria, graduates are eligible to practice medicine in these nations.

Best consultancy for mbbs in russia

Best consultancy for mbbs in russia

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Features of best consultancy for mbbs in russia

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What are the benefits of mbbs in russia  consultancy?

You might wonder why study in Russia when there are so many consultancies available. What factors led you to select this consultation for MBBS admission? You should read the information below if you want to get answers to your questions.

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Things to consider before selecting a consultant for MBBS admission in Russia

Are you planning to pursue MBBS in Russia? Have you thought through how you will get entry and obtain a visa in a foreign country? If not, you must seek out efficient consulting services.

  • The majority of the time, you have to pay a lot of money but don’t receive quality services.
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