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MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2022-23


About MBBS in Russia

  • One of the best countries to pursue an MBBS career in Russia. It is the top choice for all aspiring medical students. The best facilities are available at MBBS universities in Russia for all medical students, including those who have not yet aced the IELTS and TOEFL language proficiency exams. In these situations, the nation is incredibly liberating.
  • A high-paying position in some of the best medical facilities and hospitals around the world is guaranteed for medical students through the MBBS IN RUSSIA platform. Students with a 50 per cent grade point average who want to study medicine in RUSSIA are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Russia offers facilities at nearly 15 of the 35 medical universities in Europe that have received the seal of approval from the WHO, UNESCO, and NMC. For Indian students from the CBSE and ICSE boards, “MBBS IN RUSSIA” is also offered. Five years will be required to complete the course, and Russian medical schools also offer a one-year internship option.
  • The cost of an MBBS degree in Russia during this time will be significantly less than at other international universities. Medical Admission in Russia will provide aspiring medical students with a wealth of opportunities and support them in creating a promising future.


Quick Information About MBBS in Russia

  • Intake: October
  • Grade Required in 10+2: 50% in PCB
  • NEET: YES Required
  • Fees Structure: 4000 – 7000 USD Per Year
  • Hostel: 200 to 260 USD Per Month
  • Duration: 6 Years
  • Medium of Instruction: English / Russian
  • Recognition: NMC and WHO approved


List of Medical Universities in Russia

  1. Kazan State Medical University.
  2. Crimea Federal University.
  3. Volgograd State Medical University.
  4. Bashkir State Medical University.
  5. People’s Friendship University.
  6. First Moscow State University
  7. Kazan Federal University.
  8. Mari State Medical University.
  9. Northern State Medical University.
  10. Perm State Medical University.
  11. Altai State Medical University.
  12. Belgorod State National Research University.
  13. Kuban State Medical University.
  14. Kursk State Medical University.
  15. Omsk State Medical University.
  16. Rostov State Medical University.
  17. Saratov State Medical University.
  18. Ulyanovsk Medical University.
  19. Siberian State Medical University.
  20. Orenburg State Medical University.


Russian MBBS Program Duration

  • For Students who have chosen English as their study language, the MBBS program in Russia last “6 years” in total.
  • For those who selected Russian as their language, the course will last seven years.
  • Although English-speaking students are also given a basic Russian education.


Medium of Teaching in Russia

  • Some medical colleges in Russia provide MBBS programs.
  • Other medical schools provide “MBBS courses in English medium” for students from abroad.
  • However, some fundamental, elementary-level Russian is also taught to students in the English medium.


Enrollment in MBBS programs in Russia

  • In the majority of universities, the application process for MBBS study in Russia begins in the “month of September.”
  • Additionally, some universities begin “MBBS admission in Russia in March.”
  • Get in touch with the knowledgeable education consultants at Study Europe to learn more about the admissions deadline.


MBBS eligibility in Russia.

  • Must be at least 17 years old and no older than 25 on or before December 31 of the admissions year.
  • Graduated with a Science degree from a board that the Indian government recognises, along with PCB and English as electives.
  • At least a 50% grade in your 10+2 course.
  • 45 per cent grade in the 12th grade while remaining in the same SC/OBC/ST category.
  • Qualify for the NEET exam.


Russia’s 2022–2023 MBBS Admission Document Requirements

  • The passport, whose validity is at least 18 months.
  • Birth certificate in English or in a language other than English that has been translated and notarized.
  • The Image – 10 (4.5 x 3.5 cm, 70 percent face)
  • HIV test records and an official invitation letter from the Russian university
  • Authentic documents from the New Delhi-based Ministry of External Affairs
  • Legalizing every document from the Russian Embassy
  • University first-year tuition fees are paid according to a bank receipt (It is required by some universities)


Russian MBBS Admissions Process 2022–2023

For all applicants, the MBBS admissions process is fairly easy. The fundamental steps for MBBS admission in Russia are outlined below.

1: Speak with a representative of an MBBS university in Russia by phone or in person to request a free counselling session and learn more about the program.

  • The college itself,
  • Fee schedule, information on and options for lodging,
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Russia’s overall educational system.

2: After learning about every aspect of MBBS study in Russia, you can complete the application for admission. After that, submit it with scanned copies of the necessary important documents.

The crucial paperwork needed to study MBBS or MD in Russia is

  • Standardized Test Scores for Grades 10 and 12
  • School Graduation Certificate
  • Passport
  • In the subsequent steps of the admission process, additional documents may be required.

3: After you have submitted the necessary documentation, the Russian MBBS University you have applied to will issue a letter confirming your admission.

4: You’re almost finished; now it’s time to pay the fees so that your dream of studying medicine in Russia can come true.

5: You should apply for a student VISA after paying the fees.

6: Order your airline tickets and fly to Russia after receiving the VISA. At this location, learn valuable lessons that will help you succeed in life.


The Benefits of MBBS Study in Russia

Many students from India and other foreign nations travel to Russia to pursue MBBS degrees. MBBS aspirants choose Russia for their studies for a variety of factors. However, the following points are some of the most prevalent ones:

  1. Its fees are very reasonable.
  2. They are nearly 5 times lower than those in India.
  3. New developments in the field of medicine.
  4. It is well-known throughout the world.
  5. There are more than 70 medical universities in Russia that have Received approval from prestigious organizations like the WHO and NMC.
  6. It implies that students can practice wherever they feel like in India and throughout the entire world.
  7. For the students to quickly obtain registration to practice medicine in India, they are also given training for the NMC screening here.
  8. Both English and Russian are the official languages of study at Russian MBBS universities.
  9. Additionally, the students have the chance to study and practice Russian in Russia.
  10. There are no requirements for donations in Russian MBBS colleges, in contrast to India.
  11. Admission to MBBS programs in Russia does not require an entrance exam.
  12. Excellent academics and training in medical universities.
  13. The degrees have widespread acclaim.
  14. Universities in Russia participate in exchange programs with universities in Europe.


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