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Ulyanovsk State University, Russia


About University

  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University is a public medical college in Ulyanovsk, Russia. It is both the oldest educational institution in Russia and one of the top medical universities. Ulyanovsk City, located on the Volga River 705 kilometres east of Moscow, was established in 1648. Ulyanovsk has a population of about 650000 people.
  • One of Russia’s largest establishments for medical education and medical diagnosis is the international faculty of medical education. Throughout its existence, more than 50,000 doctors and other medical professionals from various nations have received training.
  • 40 affiliated hospitals and polyclinics make up Ulyanovsk State Medical University, where medical students can gain practical experience.
  • There are 1500 faculty members at Ulyanovsk State Medical University, including 600 doctors of medical science, 450 doctors of philosophy in medicine, 250 professors, 200 associate professors, etc. Currently, Ulyanovsk State Medical University is home to about 6000 international students from 40 different nations.


University Library

  • However, More than a million books are available at the university library at Ulyanovsk State Medical University. The digital library system at the university library. Every student is given a username and password by the university so they can access the information whenever they want.
  • Moreover, The university also has its reading rooms, The library includes exceptional national and international book collections in English and Russian. There is no need for students to purchase any textbooks because the university library will give them all away for free. By presenting their student ID card, students can check out books from the library for a semester.


About Weather

Ulyanovsk’s climate is influenced by the continent. The average maximum temperature is around 27°C in July, and the average minimum is about -20°C in January.


Degree Programs

  • Diploma Programs
  • Generally Speaking
  • Dentistry (Somatology)
  • Prevention of Disease
  • Paediatrics
  • Education in pharmaceuticals
  • Nursing
  • Course after graduation


Two different types of the hostel.

Type of flat with a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet attached.

Block-style housing with a shared kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Each block has five rooms, with the option of double, triple, or four beds in a single room.


The hostels are outfitted completely.

  • Wi-Fi, a heater, a laundry room, an Indian mess, a study room, a water supply that is always on, no power outages, CCTV cameras that cover the entire building, a 24-hour security guard, and other amenities are all available.
  • For the support and direction of all students, New Era Educational Consultants has also placed student monitors in each block of each hostel.
  • Additional amenities include a supermarket, a hospital, a library, a playground, a sports complex, a mall, a gym, a church, a swimming pool, and a food court nearby.


Health and guidance for students

Every student must buy an annual medical insurance policy, which costs about 8000 rubles and is not covered by the tuition schedule. A medical insurance policy covers hospitalization, outpatient care, and other health issues.

All students are guided by well-trained and amiable staff from Twinkle Institute AB Consultants. In matters relating to career counselling, student administration relationships, organizing and growing student bodies. Student guidance facilities, counselling and support in all facets of student life, staff will be in charge of all students’ overall responsibilities. In case of any issues, staff members also schedule regular meetings with all students, at least four times annually.


College Life

Firstly, The most crucial time in a person’s life is thought to be when they are a student, International students at Ulyanovsk State Medical University were generally content with their studies, enjoyed them. Where happy to recommend their excellent academic programs and facilities to other students.

Secondly, The value of time is the most significant aspect of student life that has an impact, As work never waits for anyone, students must complete their assignments on time. The university provides students with exceptional opportunities for learning and development that are extremely useful. Students uphold orderliness, punctuality, mutual support, and respectable social life.


Education System

  • Studying in English only
  • Time of classes: 8:15 am to 5:00 pm
  • A white coat (apron), medical cap, mask, and an extra pair of shoes are required for a practical class in addition to the required uniform (casual).
  • Exams are given twice a year, semester by semester.
  • Every year, after the semester exams, students are required to complete a 15-day hospital practical training course; they may do this in the university hospital or one of their home countries, but only in the hospitals that the university has authorized.


Studying at Ulyanovsk State Medical University Has Many Advantages

  • The university’s tuition is reasonable.
  • The surroundings are secure and flexible.
  • Modern technology and cutting-edge labs are available to improve the standard of instruction.
  • The admission process is simple to complete.
  • Donations are not required.
  • There is no requirement to take the English proficiency test.
  • The university is close to a lot of shops, restaurants, and other establishments.
  • The university has all necessary amenities, including food, WiFi, and libraries.
  • The infrastructure is expertly built and kept up.
  • The university collaborates with a centre in India.


MBBS in Russia: Why?

The following are the justifications, as listed below:

  • Institutions don’t request donations, and in some cases, they don’t even charge extra for admission.
  • Universities now enjoy fame and are known throughout the world.
  • The surroundings are flexible.
  • International diversity promotes knowledge exchange and learning.
  • The universities are on par with the highly developed technological world of today.
  • The country feels more like home because there are so many Indian students there.
  • The English proficiency test is typically not required by universities.
  • Russia is regarded as one of the most educated countries, and both domestic and foreign students can easily adapt to its educational system.


Benefits of Study MBBS in Russia

  • Russia’s MBBS program is well-known and respected internationally.
  • So many students from India and the surrounding countries study in Russia, which leads to successful futures.
  • The international ranking of medical university teaching includes more than 30 medical schools in Russia.
  • Most of the universities in this area are reasonably priced and offer top-notch instruction.
  • The Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization (WHO) both recognize the majority of universities (MCI).
  • Students get to learn from a variety of knowledgeable medical professionals and researchers.
  • The weather in Russia is chilly but pleasant.
  • After graduation, there are many excellent placement opportunities for students, allowing them to work in countries like Germany, Canada, and the United States, among others.
  • The majority of universities, including Ulyanovsk University, offer preparation for the MCI screening test to their students.


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