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Bashkir State Medical University, Russia


About Bashkir State Medical University

  • The oldest prestigious medical university in Russia is Bashkir State Medical University. One of the top 10 medical colleges in Russia is Bashkir State Medical University. International students are increasingly choosing Bashkir State Medical University for their medical studies due to its affordable tuition fees and simple admissions process.
  • Bashkir State Medical University is one of the biggest medical research institutions in Ufa, the Russian Federation. One of Russia’s biggest and most stunning cities is UFA. Since its founding in 1932, Bashkir State Medical University has been educating students.


MBBS from Bashkir State Medical University Russia

  • The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Education has granted Bashkir State Medical University permission to educate foreign students. One of Russia’s top medical schools, Bashkir State Medical University, holds a commanding 10th place among them. Today, this university is a significant centre for scientific research, conducting fundamental, applied, and methodical studies.
  • The staff of Bashkir State Medical University can handle the tasks of training and retraining highly qualified medical personnel. In the modern world given the unity of scientific, educational, and therapeutic processes seen today and in the university’s future.
  • The Bashkir State Medical University works with the World Health Organization (WHO) and has scientific solid ties to numerous foreign institutions of higher learning. It is a member of the WHO and is accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) India. The Medical Council of Malaysia (MMC) Malaysia, the GMC UK, and many other nations. Bashkir Medical University has welcomed students from 30 different European, Asian, and Latin American nations.
  • 2500 general practitioners, dentists, and paediatricians have received training for overseas employment during this time. For students who are proficient in English, the general medicine course is entirely taught in English. The Russian language is also taught optionally to English program students.


Apply for MBBS Admission to Bashkir State Medical University

  • To support the successful operation of postgraduate courses in 56 scientific majors and doctoral courses in 8 scientific majors. Bashkir State Medical University has grown into a significant centre for undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • The councils that oversee the defence and conferral of degrees in 23 different majors total ten doctoral councils and three candidate dissertation councils. BSMU, Bashkir State University gives students the chance to live a full, exciting, and active life in addition to receiving high-quality education and developing their professional skills. In a similar manner to how current students who are active in a variety of artistic teams and student organizations do.
  • At the university, there are 615 professors. In the school of general medicine (MBBS), dentistry, paediatrics, nursing, pharmacy, and preventive medicine at BSMU, there are more than 8000 medical students and more than 500 full-time faculty members. Specialists in internal medicine, and surgery. Obstetrics and gynaecology. psychiatry, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology and venereology, infectious diseases, etc. are trained by the faculty of general medicine.
  • The faculty’s departments have the best diagnostic tools. Invited speakers include foreign consultants and scientists. The Bashkir State Medical University has a university hospital, medical and dental outpatient clinics, a large library, sports facilities, five dorms, a summer camp, and a sanatorium. BSMUhas a university hospital, seven buildings, outpatient clinics for medical and dental, and well-equipped labs.


Bashkir State Medical University faculties

  • General Medicine (MBBS) Faculty.
  • Dentistry Faculty.
  • Postgraduate Studies Faculty.
  • Adaptive Physical Education Culture Faculty.
  • Clinical Psychology Faculty.
  • Foreign Students Faculty.
  • Education Nursing School Faculty.
  • Pre-University Education Faculty.
  • Paediatrics Faculty.
  • Pharmacy Faculty.
  • Sports Medicine Faculty.


Bashkir State Medical University Achievements

  • Today, Bashkir State Medical University Clinic serves as the institution’s medical and research foundation. Foreigners-students-Bashkir-SMU 650 beds make up The Clinic. In this facility, more than 20,000 patients from all over Russia. They receive medical care, more than 8,000 operations, and about 3,000 babies are delivered yearly.
  • High-tech procedures carried out by BSMU Clinic surgeons include liver and pancreas resections, stomach and small intestine reconstructions, all thoracoscopic procedures, brachytherapy, and coronary artery stent procedures. Medical practice includes a variety of angiographic studies, manipulations, and procedures on all kinds of vessels, bile ducts, liver chemoembolization ingrowths, and uterine artery embolization in fibromyoma. The Clinic employs transplantation and minimally invasive surgical methods.


Relationships abroad

  • It is proud to have a history of educating international students from many countries. It has 69 departments and more than 8,000 Russian and foreign students. Admission, registration, and administration of the preparatory and Russian language courses are all handled by the office of Foreign Students, which also coordinates the training of international students at BSMU. Within the International Federation of Medical Students Association Program, BSMU takes part in bilateral exchanges of medical students.
  • The Bashkir State Medical University collaborates with numerous foreign institutions, including those in Germany, China, Norway, the United States, Great Britain, and other nations. Faculty and students from BSMU take part in conferences, workshops, and exchange programs. They also conduct research with our international partners.
  • Tournaments for table tennis, football, basketball, badminton, and other sports are also organised by BSMU. More than 500,000 books, or 85% of the collection at the Bashkir University Library, are in the special medical literature. The library has four specialized reading rooms with a combined capacity of 252, a local network, and an electronic catalogue that allows access to numerous databases.


2022 Admission Requirements

  • A minimum grade of 50% in Senior Secondary School for admission to Bashkir State Medical University.
  • He or she must be eligible for NEET-UG Exam.
  • The applicant must be at least 17 years old.
  • The deadline for MBBS admission for the 2022–2023 academic year is November 30.


International students’ career prospects will improve if they pursue an MBBS in Russia.


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