Reasons to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Reasons to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students Every year, around 10,000 Indian candidates are accepted into MBBS programs abroad. For Indian students, MBBS in Kazakhstan is always a good investment because medical education in Kazakhstan is more affordable compared to other nations. WHO, MCI, USMLE, GMC, and other organizations recognize all of Kazakhstan’s […]


Study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Russia has always been a top priority choice for Indian students looking to study medicine in a foreign country. Russia ranks 30th among the top 100 medical universities, according to the World Health Organization’s “Directory of World Medical Schools.” MBBS in Russia is becoming increasingly popular among Indian students because of its high-quality education at […]


Study MBBS in Russia: Top Medical Colleges, Eligibility & Cost

Study MBBS in Russia: Top Medical Colleges, Eligibility & Cost MBBS is a 6-year degree in Russia. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has approved over 53 Russian universities that offer an MBBS degree, allowing you to complete your studies overseas and practice medicine in India. All candidates planning to study MBBS in Russia must […]


Important Factor to consider before choosing the medical university abroad

Factor to consider before choosing medical university abroad After you’ve decided on a place to study MBBS abroad, the following step is to choose the best medical university. MBBS abroad offers its students a plethora of alternatives and chances. Here are some pointers to help you choose the top medical university in the world to […]


Overlapping Cultures, Languages, and Beliefs between India and Russia

Cultures, Languages and Beliefs between Indians and Russians It is a well-known and well-established truth that India and Russia have always been each other’s confidants. This has been carefully tested over years and years since the Soviet Union’s inception. It has remained so even after the union’s breakup. This friendship between the nations has resulted […]


MBBS in Russia for Indian Students: Study Duration, Cost, Universities

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students : Duration and fees Cost.  All major medical colleges in Russia provide MBBS, which is a general medicine degree that lasts 5 years and 8 months for an English-taught program and up to a year longer for a Russian-taught program.As part of their summer practice in Russian medical school, […]



20 REASONS FOR INDIAN STUDENTS TO STUDY MBBS IN EUROPE Students prefer studying MBBS overseas due to fierce competition in Indian medical institutes and costly expenses, In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons for Indian students to study MBBS in Europe. Firstly, Europe is the best location for medical studies, Students from […]


All about NEET 2022 and frequently asked NEET Exam Questions

All about NEET-UG 2022 and frequently asked NEET Exam Questions The National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET-UG) is a common entrance test for all candidates wishing to study MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, and other medical fields in government and private institutions in India, as well as MBBS abroad. The National Testing Agency administers NEET-UG […]


Cost of studying medicine in Russia for International Students

Cost of studying MBBS in Russia for International Students Firstly, Russia is one of the most economical and low cost abroad locations, it is one of the key reasons why it attracts over 300,000 foreign students. each year. Other factors that entice students are: A high level of education with degrees recognized across the world […]


Study MBBS in Abroad – Top Countries for Indian Students at Low Cost.

Study MBBS in Abroad – Top Countries for Indian Students at Low Cost. Every year, thousands of Indian medical students confront the primary problem of being admitted to a good medical school for further study. Few pupils pass the admission exams for government colleges, while others continue to look for options in private colleges, A […]


Cost of Studying Medicine in Russia for International Students

Cost of Studying MBBS in Russia for International Students. Russia is not particularly pricey in comparison to other European countries, Cost of MBBS in Russia The government subsidizes higher education for international students. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia distributes Public Scholarships to Ministries of other nations and Russian students studying abroad, providing […]


Admission Process For Medical Studies In Russia 2022

Admission Process For Medical Studies In Russia 2022 Every medical student aspires to become a doctor from a top medical university in Russia or another reputable country of their choosing. However, most students find it challenging to select a university. Russia is the most favoured nation for medical study owing to many perks or advantages […]


Study MBBS in Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan

Study MBBS in Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan Best Universities & Admission Procedures With 11 popular univеrsitiеs, Kazakhstan is one of the lаrgеst lаndlocked countriеs. The MBBS program in Kazakhstan is well-known for its unique and comprehensive educational system. The main emphasis is on thе cоrе prаcticаl trаining. The reknownеd fаcultiеs аttеnd to thе studеnts’ […]


Top Ten Medical University In Russia

Russia is a wonderful nation in which to pursue your further education. For decades, Russia, like many other Eastern Bloc nations, has concentrated its research and academic skills at the governmental level. This implies that the top medical university, as well as universities in general, are state-owned and operated by the Russian government. Despite financing […]


How to Choose the Correct University to Study MBBS Abroad?

How to Choose the Correct University to Study MBBS Abroad? Finding the correct university is one of the most prevalent concerns that any student who wants to study MBBS abroad faces. A place where you want to study your MBBS out of the world’s 25+ countries is a daunting endeavour. The ideal university for your […]


What are the Opportunities After Completing Medical Education in Russia?

Medical in Russia Russia is well recognized for its education, especially, in the fields of medicine and engineering. There are thousands of students in Indiа who арреаrs for the medical exam, but few of them get admissions in the mеdicаl colleges and the rest strive to clear the exam again. So studying Medical in Russiа […]


Difference between MBBS in Russia and Kazakhstan

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MBBS IN RUSSIA & KAZAKHSTAN? Kazakhstan is an Asian country that is usually considered the world’s only one central country. Kazakhstan is also the tenth biggest country on the globe, bordering China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, among others. The infrastructure of this nation is extremely dynamic, consisting of deltas, hills, […]


10 Reasons About Studying MBBS in Russia

Russia is the world’s sixth most popular foreign student destination. We may be a little country with a population of 14.44 crores (2019), yet we are global leaders in education. Russia is set to overtake China as the world’s third most popular study destination in the near future. Currently, Russia is home to almost 432,000 […]



    Overview Are you thinking of doing your MBBS in another country? Russia is the first place that springs to mind when medical students consider studying in a foreign country. However, MBBS in Russia is popular among Indian medical students who desire to pursue MBBS in a foreign country. Firstly, Russia has excellent medical […]


5 Mistakes to Avoid While Studying MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia Over the last several decades, MBBS in Russia has become a popular choice among Indian students. Even though Russia has been a popular country in the Indian subcontinent since its Soviet days. As a result, the residents become acquainted with one another on several levels. Russia has earned enormous appeal among […]


Study MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT GEORGIA In this paragraph, we will discuss its location. It is in Eurasia and limited to the west by the Black Sea, is a stunning nation with breathtaking landscapes, mountains, and woods. A hybrid of Soviet and European infrastructure. It is a democratic country with a land area of 69,700 square kilometers […]


What you should know before pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan?

For those who wish to study MBBS overseas but are concerned about the hefty tuition prices, MBBS in Kazakhstan is the ideal alternative. Thirdly, Kazakhstan provides high-quality education at an inexpensive and fair cost. Most importantly, Kazakhstan has a population of 18.7 million people and is located in the heart of Asia. Kazakhstan has a […]


study of Orthopaedics in abroad 2022

Orthopaedics Study When someone is handicapped or afflicted, they frequently seek the services of an Orthopaedics surgeon in the hope that the surgeon may be able to repair what is damaged. This sort of doctor specializes in disorders and injuries affecting the human body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes muscles, bones, tendons, joints, ligaments, and nerves. […]


Study of gynaecology in Abroad 2022

Obstetrics and gynaecology (OB-GYN) is one of the many specialities available to medical students. It entails a wide range of procedures, including regular checkups for women, delivery of newborns, and gynaecologist and oncological surgery. Long days are common in this area, which is highly unpredictable. Because the field of women’s health is unique, particularly when […]


Study of Anesthesiology in Abroad 2022

Study of anesthesiology Anesthesiologists are responsible for providing anesthesia and monitoring vital signs throughout a medical operation. To become an anesthesiologist, you must first complete several years of study and training. In this post, we will explore what an anesthesiologist does, the typical pay of an anesthesiologist, and the measures to take to follow this […]


Which country is best for dermatology?

If you want to help individuals obtain and keep good skin, you might think about pursuing a career in dermatology. As a dermatologist, you will be able to identify and treat skin problems, allowing patients to look and feel their best. This page discusses what a dermatologist does, how to become one, and answers commonly […]


Study of General Medicine in Abroad

Popular Branches of general medicine in India For aspirants, the medical industry is one of the most respected job possibilities. Doctors are revered as living Gods across the country because they are born to save lives. After completing the MBBS program, the doctor’s journey truly begins. Medical graduates must choose a field of medicine in […]


How to Apply to an MBBS medical universities 2022

  Medicine is one of the world’s most popular, but also one of the most demanding, degrees. To practice in the medical profession, future doctors and health practitioners must first finish rigorous academic courses, followed by residency programs. Let’s look more closely at what an MBBS degree is and how to apply for one in […]


Cheapest Countries To Study MBBS Abroad

Do you want to study medicine but can’t afford the high costs of medical colleges? These cheapest nations for MBBS abroad 2022-2023 and the most affordable countries from across the world to obtain a Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine degree without having to split your payments thin. As you continue reading, you will find a […]


MBBS in Russia what are advantages?

  Studying MBBS in Russia‘s main reason is to achieve a degree from world-famous medical schools and get the best medical education. As you know, Russia holds the highest number of medical universities that provide the most excellent education to Indian students. Several medical students visit to study MBBS in Russia. The topmost fact is […]


Benefits to Indian students for MBBS in Kazakhstan

  Kazakhstan is an attractive place for MBBS education, as the country has several Top Medical Universities that serve both domestic and foreign students. Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan provide students a diverse culture, high-quality education, and exceptional chances. Kazakhstan is a Central Asian nation. It is the world’s ninth-largest country, bordering China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, […]


Scholarship for MBBS abroad 2022

Overview MBBS is one of the extremely serious and difficult degrees equal to an undergraduate degree in surgery and medicine. If you want to become a doctor, you must have this degree. MBBS is also the highest-paid course, despite its relevance. As a result, the vast majority of Indian students opt to study in foreign […]


NEET Question Papers 2022 (Released)

  Q.1 What Should You Be Aware of Regarding NEET 2022? A.1 Any student who wants to become a doctor must take the NEET test in order to be admitted to a medical institution based on his or her rank. Understanding NEET questions is crucial since most students fail the test due to a lack […]


Indian Students Studying MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia MBBS in Russia is one of the best options for doing MBBS in another nation. Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming increasingly popular among Indian students since it provides a high-quality education at a moderate cost. Russia is the ninth most popular study place for MBBS students from all over the world. […]


Ten Benefits Of MBBS In Russia | Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

About Russia There are many reasons to Study MBBS in Russia, but first, let’s look at some intriguing facts about the country. Russia is known for having a strong and advanced educational system. Russia has the highest literacy rate in the world, at 99.6%. Russia attracts a large number of international students, particularly those who […]


Does Russia MBBS have value in India?

About Russia: There are several reasons to study medicine in Russia, but first, let’s look at some intriguing facts about the country. Russia is well-known for its powerful and modern educational system. The highest literacy rate of 98 percent is in Russia. Russia draws a large number of international students, particularly those interested in studying […]


Why MBBS Abroad is better than India?

  All international students, especially Indian students, should pursue their MBBS Degrees in Abroad nations rather than India since it is a very appealing alternative with numerous advantages. There will be numerous job options available to you, and graduates will be able to work anywhere in the world of medicine because the degrees offered by […]


Why is MBBS cheap in Russia?

  MBBS in Russia is one of the greatest possibilities for doing MBBS in another country. Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming increasingly popular among Indian students since it offers a high-quality education at a low cost. Russia is the eighth most popular study location for MBBS students from all around the world. Top Russian […]


Why choose Russia for studying MBBS in abroad?

Why choose Russia for studying MBBS in abroad? Russia, commonly known as the Russian Federation, is a sovereign state located in Northern Eurasia. Russia is the world’s biggest country, accounting for more than one-eighth of the total land area. Today, Russia is a popular location for international students seeking to further their studies in health […]


Is NEET Mandatory for doing MBBS in Abroad?

  Is NEET required for MBBS in overseas if I wish to study there? It is one of the most often asked questions by medical students thinking about pursuing their MBBS in a foreign nation. This essay will answer all of your questions concerning whether the NEET certification is required for MBBS programs overseas. To […]


Medical universities with lowest MBBS Fees in Abroad

MBBS is a popular course among science students in India because it is one of the most respectable employment possibilities. Not only are medical professionals well compensated, but they also have the opportunity to make a significant difference in people’s lives. Despite the fact that India has some of the greatest medical colleges for studying […]


Why Choose MBBS in Russia For Indian Students?

  Every medical student’s aim is to become a certified Doctor from a top-tier university, but due to a lack of knowledge and suitable supervision, students are unable to find their dream university and become a Doctor. To choose the finest university for your MBBS studies, you should first learn about universities in certain countries […]


Can I Study MBBS Abroad Without NEET?

Overview Is it feasible to study MBBS in another country without taking the NEET? Yes, that is doable, according to the answer. However, there are various other arrangements that we will discuss in this post. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, pupils are granted a one-time exemption. In this blog, we will provide you with all […]


Which is the best medical university in Russia?

Introduction Russia is the top choice for medical students seeking to take MBBS and become doctors. Russian medical universities offer high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Russia is ranked eighth in the world for delivering world-class medical education. MCI, WHO, and the European Council all accept Russian medical universities. After completing MBBS in Russia, students […]


All About Top 10 MBBS University in Russia for Indian Students

    Medical students studying in Russian medical colleges They have a tremendous opportunity. Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS in Russia can easily apply based on their 12th Standard Result and NEET Exam Rank. Russia has some of the greatest medical universities in the world which are approved by the top medical statutory […]


All You Need to Know About MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is known for the best medical education in Europe. It has become the most popular MBBS abroad destination for Indian students. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. If we talk about MBBS in Ukraine duration, it is of 5.8 years which is equivalent to almost 6 years.  


Benefits of Medicine in Kazakhstan

  Duration of MBBS of General Medicine Course is 05 years in Kazakhstan Medical Universities and few universities. It is of 06 years for international students. There is no donation or capitation fee required. The Syllabus in Kazakhstan medical colleges is the same as Indian medical Universities. Duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan After finishing MBBS […]


MBBS In Russia 2021

    Important information about MBBS in Russia for Indian Students College students can find out about inexpensive Medicine In Russia in pinnacle Russian clinical colleges. The costs of a medical university in Russia are somewhere around 4000 US Dollars per 12 months only.  Low-Cost MBBS In Russia  Altai State Medical University:Altai state medical university presents […]