All You Need to Know About MBBS in Ukraine

Mbbs in Ukraine

All You Need to Know About MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is known for the best medical education in Europe. It has become the most popular MBBS abroad destination for Indian students. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. If we talk about MBBS in Ukraine duration, it is of 5.8 years which is equivalent to almost 6 years.MBBS in Ukraine?

Before going for MBBS in Ukraine, it is better to know about the countries in Europe and those countries outside Europe. Ukraine has a great variety of medical education courses, which includes:

  • UK
  • Ukrainian university degree
  • Secondary and higher educationMedical specialties

Is Ukraine Great for MBBS in Russia?

Yes, it is great for study mbbs in ukraine. Ukraine is known for the best medical education in Europe and the world. Its medical education is among the top international programs in Europe. In comparison to the other countries in Europe, Ukraine stands first in providing medical education to the aspirants.

If you wish to get your MBBS certificate, then you should focus on Ukraine. has a great scope for medical education.

Advantages of  Study Medicine in Ukraine

The first thing about Ukraine’s healthcare sector is that students get an internship. You get a paid and educational internship, which is not available in any other country in the world.

Ukrainian doctors get a prestigious chance to study in the most prestigious health facilities. This internship is for one year and will be paid. They get to work as well as study alongside each other. They are only allowed to attend school activities and work during the weekends.

  • Foreign students from India get a long list of benefits.
  • Ability to practice medicine in Ukraine after completion of 5.8 years internship.
  • Education at the top institutes
  • Ukrainian medical education institutions are among the best in the world.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Ukraine

Although you have no such critical disadvantages. If you want to study MBBS in russia, it is wise to stay aware of the present educational scenario and prospects.

1) Lack of medical colleges: In Ukraine, there is a limited number of medical colleges. For this reason, many students miss the opportunity to study MBBS in Twinkle Institute.

2) Competition: There is a constant rivalry in Ukraine. As most of the medical colleges in Ukraine are of international standards. Therefore, students struggle to get admission to colleges.

3) Language barrier: Many students from other countries face the language barrier. They face difficulty in communicating with the doctors. Although it is not a serious problem, it should be considered and overcome in your experience.


Ukrainian medical education is highly impressive.


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