Admission Process for MBBS in Russia 2024 | MBBS Admission in Russia

The admission procedure for the MBBS program in Russia is quite simple. Indian students are not need to take an admission exam in order to enroll in Russian medical colleges.

Candidates must fulfill the requirements established by the Medical Council of India for studying MBBS overseas and adhere to the admission policies of the relevant university in order to be admitted to a Russian medical university. Additionally, the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination are quite important in the admission procedure.

Indian students must meet the following requirements in accordance with MCI guidelines in order to be admitted to MBBS programs in Russia:

Qualifications for MBBS admission in Russia:

  1. Candidates must have completed their 10+2 coursework in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English, or an equivalent.
  2. The student must have earned a passing grade of 50% overall and 50% in PCB courses.
  3. By December 31 of admission year, candidates must have reached the age of 17.
  4. In order to be admitted to the Russian MBBS and BDS programs, Indian candidates must pass the NEET Exam.


Dates and due dates for applications 2024.

Admissions to the MBBS program in Russia open on May 1 and close on September 30 of each year. Applications must be submitted by the deadline of September 30. Because there are many applications and there are a limited number of places, we suggest students to apply as soon as possible. Admissions are strictly offered based on availability and are given first come, first served. As a result, individuals that apply early receive an additional reward.

Russian medical universities' academic sessions.

There are two semesters in the Russian academic year. In Russian medical universities, the first semester runs from September to January. The second semester runs from February to June. Students complete tests at the conclusion of each semester. After that, they take two weeks off during the winter (from January 25 to February 9) and two months off during the summer (from July 1 to August 30).


List of paperwork needed to apply to a Russian medical college

  • Completed admissions form.
  • Class 12th grade mark sheet and pass certificate scan.
  • Certificate of Passage for Class 10th, scanned.
  • NEET Admission Card/Result.
  • 4 colorful passport-size photos with a white backdrop that measure 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm each.
  • Passport first and last pages scanned.
  • If a passport is not ready at the time of application, use an Adhar Card or PAN Card.

Please take notice that the deadline for MBBS admissions applications is August 30, 2024.


How can I apply to a medical program in Russia?

For Indian students, the following is a step-by-step guidance on how to apply for admission to a medical college in Russia:

Step 1: Speak with one of our offices or agents to get free admissions guidance for MBBS. You will gain knowledge about Russian medical universities, eligibility standards, cost structures, admissions procedures, and the services offered by our education consultants during this session. Understanding all facets of Russian universities, study expenditures, and living expenses is essential for both students and parents.

 Step 2: After carefully weighing the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad and making the decision to move forward, the applicant must submit a completed admission form together with scanned copies of their 10th and 12th grade transcripts, NEET results, and either a passport or an Aadhar card. Students without passports should get one, and those who took the NEET test in 2024 can submit their results as soon as they are made public.

The student is required to pay an application fee at this early stage. Payment choices include sending money to the business's bank account online or writing a demand draft or check payable to Continental Education Pvt Ltd.

Step 3: Your application will be sent to the appropriate university when you have paid the application cost and submitted it. After reviewing your application materials, the institution will provide an admissions or acceptance letter confirming your seat reservation within seven days.

Stage 4: We will start the process of getting an invitation letter in this stage. The student is now required to present their actual passport. The Russian Federation's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the Visa Invitation Letter, an official document needed to apply for a visa at the embassy. It might take up to a month to complete the process of acquiring the invitation letter. The student will be expected to pay the consultant service fees after the Invitation Letter is prepared.

Step 5: After obtaining the invitation letter, proceed to the Russian embassy to apply for a student visa. The application for a visa typically takes 10 to 15 days. The student will be made aware of the date of travel to Russia after the visa is prepared. At this point, either the student will need to buy a ticket for travel or our team will be able to help them.

Step 6: After the visa has been stamped, the student receives their original credentials, passport, and visa back. This enables students to make the required preparations for foreign exchange (in US dollars) in order to pay for living expenses and meet university tuition fees. The children will also get a checklist of important instructions and materials needed while traveling. Students may now start getting ready for their trip to Russia.

Step 7: The students should also make sure they gather all the needed paperwork since they will need to produce it when they arrive to the university office. We advise students to print off all of their admission-related paperwork, including the invitation letter, confirmation letter, visa, first and last pages of their passports, and flying ticket, and save them securely. Additionally, for convenience and backup, students are urged to retain a digital duplicate of these materials in their inbox.

Step 8: To ensure the safety and security of the students, our crew meets them at the airport when they arrive in Russia and takes them to the university residence. The students' college tuition and other administrative payments, which are necessary for enrollment in the MBBS program in Russia, must be paid the following day, with the assistance of our representative, who will also offer advice and support. The students may be sure that they will receive full support during the admissions process because our staff will be with them every step of the way while they are abroad.

NOTICE: There is excellent news for Indian students who want to study medicine abroad. The NEET exam's validity has been increased to three years by a Gazette announcement from the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET-UG) result would be valid for three years from the date of release of results, per the MCI Gazette notice. This would be beneficial for students who are studying abroad because the admissions procedure varies greatly between nations.

The regulation "shall come into force from the date of publication in the Official Gazette," which is March 14, 2019, according to the announcement.

IMPORTANT: A lot of agencies advertise "Discounted Fees" with Russian medical universities. In this program, the students are required to pay tuition for six years plus a discount. The CEC constantly informs the student that the Russian university has no such system of "disountedd fees." The agent would keep the money, and when they failed to reimburse the institution on your behalf, you would eventually go into problems.

Therefore, if you want to pursue an MBBS degree in Russia, we are here to help in any way that you might need.


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