MBBS in Russia fees for Indian Students

Russian MBBS: An Overview

Why should one pursue an MBBS in Russia? Here are a few factors that are unquestionably significant:

  • The majority of Russian universities have no capitation or contribution fees.
  • Admission to medical colleges requires merely meeting the admission standards; there are no entrance exams required.
  • Tuition and living expenses that are reasonably priced for overseas students.
  • MCI-screening training is easily accessible, allowing you to practise in India if you so want.
  • Classes at universities often comprise 12 to 15 people, allowing for more individualised instruction.
  • Leading organisations with the majority of top medical colleges accredited or recognised by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and the European Council.

Cost of MBBS Education in Russia

For Indian students studying for the MBBS, the average tuition fee in Russia is relatively affordable when compared to other nations. According to estimates, the cost of an MBBS in Russia is between 19,00,000 and 25,00,000 RUB. Depending on a number of variables, monthly living expenses may range between 15,000 and 20,000 RUB.

Altai Medical University, MBBS in Russia 800 20,30,000
Bashkir  Medical University, MBBS in Russia 800 18,66,700
Crimea Medical University, MBBS in Russia 800 19,44,000
Kursk Medical University, MBBS in Russia 1000 26,00,000
Ulyanovsk Medical University, MBBS in Russia 800 21,16,000
Kazan  Medical University, MBBS in Russia 800 23,75,000
Omsk Medical University, MBBS in Russia 800 23,66,700
Orel Medical University, MBBS in Russia 800 14,05,000
Pirogov NRM University, MBBS in Russia 1000 30,00,000
Rostov  Medical University, MBBS in Russia 19,63,000

Eligibility for Studying MBBS in Russia

There are a variety of admissions standards used by institutions, however you can follow these fundamental principles:

  • Completion of high school successfully.
  • Chemistry students who scored at least 65%.
  • At least 65% in English.
  • Biology prerequisites: 65% or above.
  • Grades from higher secondary school in the subjects of chemistry, biology, and English.
  • English language proficiency documentation can be required.
  • Guarantee for meeting payment requirements.
  • Additionally, the applicant must be eligible to take the NEET test. Without NEET, it is challenging to study MBBS in Russia.

NEET Requirement for MBBS in Russia

In order to be eligible for admission to prestigious Russian institutions, students must pass the NEET exam. The minimal need is a score in the 50th percentile.

Documents Requirement for MBBS In Russia

While particular criteria may differ between colleges, the following are some papers you could need throughout the admissions process.

  • Fill out an application.
  • Translated into Russian from a scanned copy of higher secondary school grades and finishing marks.
  • Copy of the passport that has been scanned and translated into Russian.
  • The bank’s confirmation that the processing costs have been paid (for particular nations) and a certificate of nostrification/equivalence, or an acknowledgment that the papers have been sent to Moscow for equivalence.
  • Results of NEET (only for candidates from India).

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