NMC Published A Clarification Regarding How Internships For FMGs Should Be Conducted.

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National Medical Commission (NMC)

The National Medical Commission (NMC) published new regulations for the allocation of internships in India for foreign medical graduates (FMGs) on May 10th, 2023. These guidelines, which were created after careful consideration and collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, seek to streamline and combine all earlier recommendations made by the Commission.

According to the new regulations, FMGs will have to complete a supervised internship for at least a year in medical schools or other organizations that are authorized to offer Compulsory Rotating Medical Internships (CRMI) to Indian medical graduates. The State Medical Council will be in charge of assigning FMGs to medical colleges, and the internship must be finished within two years after the FMGE or NExT step 1 qualifying date (as appropriate).

The NMC has also announced that FMGs who were in their final year of graduation but were unable to finish their course within the allotted time due to COVID and the Russia-Ukraine War but who have been granted the certificate of completion from the concerned university on or before June 30, 2023, can still take the FMGE. Having said that, these graduates will only be permitted to work at hospitals connected to medical institutions for a 2-year mandatory internship.


How Internships For FMGs Conducted

When it comes to FMGs who qualify for internships, they can complete them at any medical school in any State or UT, and the State Medical Council is not allowed to withhold seats from them. In addition, FMGs who have already finished a year of their internship at any medical college in India are permitted to finish the remaining portion in a different medical college, subject to seat availability.

All medical schools must follow the NMC’s directive that FMGs cannot be charged an internship fee and must get a stipend that is equal to that of Indian Medical Graduates in the United States/UT. When there is no budgetary allocation for FMGs, the stipend will be given in accordance with the State/UT authority’s determination.

In addition, the NMC has decided to eliminate the 2-year internship requirement for FMGs in favor of a 1-year internship. The NMC has given CRMI a one-time list of Non-Teaching hospitals in order to facilitate this waiver. These Non-Teaching Hospitals will receive FMGs from the State Medical Councils.

These recommendations are anticipated to offer much-needed relief to FMGs who struggle to find internships in India due to a lack of available positions and other regulatory concerns. The NMC thinks that new standards will make it easier for FMGs to successfully and on time complete their internships, which will eventually help to raise the standard of healthcare in the nation.

Please read this Circular for further information on the NMC guidelines. Additionally, you may review the most recent information on the NMC’s official website at https://www.nmc.org.in/.


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