MBBS in Russia for Indian Students: Top Medical Colleges, Eligibility & Cost

MBBS in Russia, a 6-year programme that is primarily given as a specialised bachelor’s degree in General Medicine, is the most common kind of education. More than 53 Russian universities that provide the MBBS degree have been accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI), allowing you to complete your study overseas and then operate in India. All applicants for the MBBS programme in Russia must meet the NEET eligibility requirements, per MCI regulations. Prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and english with a minimum grade of 50% in each subject are some additional criteria.

Students in Russia who have completed their MBBS can choose to work as primary care physicians or continue their studies in a residency programme to earn a specialisation that will allow them to operate in a much more specialised field. Two years are spent in residency. Graduates looking for employment after completing their MBBS in Russia can make about 244,000 RUB (2.81 lakhs INR) by working in a variety of specialties like dermatology, obstetrics/gynecology, ophthalmology, optometry, paediatrics, etc.

MBBS in Russia: Highlights

Degree Types General Medicine (MBBS)
Course Duration 6 years
Program Types Full-Time
Admission eligibility l 50% marks in 12th PCB

l NEET (Required)

Tuition Fee (2.75 lakhs-9.73 lakhs INR)/year
Average Salary (2.81 lakhs INR)/month
Jobs Physician, Allergist, Dermatologist, General Medical Practitioner, Neurologist, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, Optometrist , Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Radiologist, Urologist

Russia’s Top Medical Universities

Below is a list of the top medical universities in Russia, together with information on application requirements and costs:

Top Medical Universities Program Tuition Fee (RUB)
Altai State Medical University MBBS 240,250
Kazan Federal University MBBS 4,76,000
Ulyanovsk State Medical University MBBS 322,400
Crimea Federal University MBBS 210,000
OMSK State Medical University MBBS 208,320
Bashkir State Medical University MBBS 282,816
Tver State Medical University MBBS 442,309
Ryazan State Medical University MBBS 337,765

What is MBBS in Russia?

In Russia, MBBS, often known as general medicine, is a specialty degree programme that is taught in English and typically takes six years to complete. This specialised course’s objective is to give doctors the clinically significant behavioural skills they need to work on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation while also providing care for urgent and life-threatening illnesses.

Graduates of MBBS programmes in Russia are equipped to work in organisational, preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic domains as well as employment in research, education, and science. Through an internship, residency, or PhD programme in a post-graduate professional education programme, they can advance their education.

MBBS in Russia: Specializations and Subjects

Students willing to study MBBS in Russia are introduced to a number of specializations available, such as:

  • Nursing
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Biochemistry
  • Immunology
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatrics

Why MBBS study in Russia?

According to the QS World Rankings 2023, some of Russia’s leading medical schools, including Novosibirsk State University, Kazan State Medical University, and Siberian State Medical University, are among the greatest institutions in the world.

In comparison to countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and others, the average tuition and cost of an MBBS degree in Russia is about 3,87,828 RUB (4.45 lakhs INR).

The fact that 1 Russian ruble is roughly equivalent to 1.15 Indian rupees shows that India and Russia’s economies are very similar. As a result, lodging expenditures as well as other expenses are strikingly similar to those in India.

Russian Medical College Admission Requirements

The admissions procedure is extremely straightforward for foreign students at the top medical institutes and schools in Russia. You can apply if you have a senior high school diploma and completed the required biology and chemistry courses. In actuality, a lot of Russian universities don’t have a minimum grade or percentage requirement. Below are the specific entry requirements for the Russian MBBS programme:

Top Medical Universities in Russia

Top Medical Universities Prerequisite Courses
Altai State Medical University English, Biology, and Chemistry
Kazan State Medical University English, Biology, and Chemistry
Ulyanovsk State Medical University English, Biology, and Chemistry
Mari State MedicalUniversity Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
Tyumen State Medical University Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
OMSK State Medical University Physics, Biology and Chemistry
Bashkir State Medical University Physics, Biology and Chemistry
Tver State Medical University Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
Ryazan State Medical University Physics, Biology, and Chemistry

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students: Eligibility Criteria

Basic qualifications for MBBS in Russia as well as admission requirements:

  • English, Physics, Biology and Chemistry
  • NEET qualification, necessary
  • Student visa valid passport

Student visa for Russia

Foreign nationals and stateless people who want to enter the Russian Federation to enrol in Russian universities are granted Russian student visas. These visas are granted in response to a Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS of Russia) invitation or a Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs instruction. At the Russian Embassy (Consular Department) or Russian Consulate in your native country, you can apply for a student visa.

  • Valid passport for travel abroad (and a copy of the front page).
  • Invitation to enter Russia that is authentic and official.
  • a request form.
  • 5 x 4.5 cm/1.18 x 1.57 inch photo.
  • Document or certificate proving HIV-negative status.
  • For applicants under the age of 18, a notary public must certify parental consent to travel.

The initial period of a student visa is three months. After that, you should go to the regional office of the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Russian Interior Ministry to request a visa extension.

Russian MBBS tuition costs

In terms of tuition and other costs, studying MBBS in Russia is virtually as expensive as doing so in India. However, there are a variety of other expenses that students must pay while studying in Russia, such as visa fees, travel expenses, and lodging charges. To ensure a smooth experience, it is usually advisable to be informed of the costs involved and optimise the budget beforehand. The full breakdown of how much it will cost to study in Russia is provided below:

MBBS in Russia: Cost of Attendance

The following are the MBBS tuition costs for some of Russia’s best universities:

Top Universities Tuition Fee (RUB) Tuition Fee (INR)
Altai State Medical University 320,000 3.5 lakhs
Bashkir State Medical University 299,400 3.13 lakhs
Orel State Medical University 240,007 2.50 lakhs
OMSK State Medical University 455,320 4.70 lakhs
Ulyanovsk State Medical University 410,816 4.24 lakhs
Kazan Federal University 454,309 5.05 lakhs
Orel State Medical University 240,765 2.80 lakhs

Cost of Living in Russia

An international student’s anticipated monthly expenses and cost of living in Russia come to about 54,989 RUB (63,623 INR). The average monthly cost for an international student in Russia is shown in the following table:

Expense Type Average Cost (RUB) Cost Equivalent (INR)
Accommodation 25,000 25,500
Food 9,450 9,750
Internet and Wifi 550 650
Transportation 2,150 2,350
Personal Expenses 5,400 5,600

MBBS in Russia: Scholarships

Most Russian medical universities and colleges do not provide scholarships to Indian students. The Russian government and several other organizations offer financial help to anyone who want to study medicine in Russia.

Candidates who intend to pursue their MBBS should consider Russia as a significant location. Here is a list of available MBBS scholarships in Russia for students from India:

  • Scholarships from the Government of the Russian Federation.These are state-level awards given to students who wish to study medicine in Russia.
  • The scholarship will pay for their tuition, housing expenses, and a maintenance stipend of between 1300 and 1500 rubles.
  • William A. Gilman Scholarships are available to international students choosing to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Medical education funding: Foreign students with excellent academic records are eligible to apply for funding from Russian medical colleges.
  • Russian and Asian Studies School (SRAS): This fellowship is designed for US applicants who want to enrol in a Russian MBBS programme.
Scholarships Eligibility Award Details (RUB)
Government of Russia Scholarships Russian universities now have some international students enrolled. covers the whole cost of education, maintenance, and room and board (dormitory) allowance.
Scholarship for Healthcare Leaders presently enrolling at Russian universities are foreign students 103,700
Open Doors Scholarship for Russia Portfolio submission | Admission test full payment of tuition

Russia Post-Study Work Visa

If you find employment outside of school while you are in Russia on a student visa, you must apply for a work permit in order to continue living and working there. The duration of a multiple-entry work visa is up to three years, whereas a single-entry work visa is only good for 90 days.

Documents needed for a work permit in Russia:

  • Company/Employer-issued Work Visa Invitation Letter.
  • Letter of Employment.
  • a request form.
  • Two pictures.
  • Document or certificate proving HIV-negative status.
  • Residence Evidence.
  • Financial Statement.
  • Insurance for health.

MBBS Curriculum in Russia

In Russia, the entire MBBS programme is finished in six to eight years. This complies with both American and European requirements.

  • The students are taught the theoretical side of medicine over the first three years.
  • In the first three years, students are taught the fundamentals of human biology as well as physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, and general pathology.
  • Two semesters are used to split each year.
  • Students must do an internship or clerkship during their last three years of study in addition to their coursework in surgery, primary care medicine, neurology, psychiatry, paediatrics, gynaecology, and emergency medicine.
  • The approach utilised to instruct MBBS students in Russia is:
  1. Conversations in small groups and seminars.
  2. Lecture-based.
  3. Laboratory and practical work.
  4. Clinical education.

MBBS in Russia Duration

The MBBS in Russia for Indian Students programme offers top-notch instruction from highly qualified teachers. Since you are choosing an MBBS programme taught in English, applicants are not required to complete the one-year preparatory course in Russia. The six-year Russian MBBS programme includes clinical training. The applicant will complete a 6-year programme that includes 10 semesters of physical training and 6 semesters of Russian language studies.

Cost of MBBS in Russia

When it comes to enrolling in programmes in the medical sciences, such as MBBS, BDS, etc., Russia is regarded as one of the least expensive study abroad options. because the vast majority of Russian universities have begun to provide instruction in English. International students at Russian institutions are required to pay their tuition in installments per semester. The cost of an Indian student’s MBBS in Russia every semester ranges from INR 2,60,000 to 6,30,000 (about 2,60,520 to 6,56,00 rubles). When the hostel charge is included, the total cost is around RUB 18,88,000 to 25,85,000 (INR 18,11,000 to 24,80,000).

The main expenditure, aside from this, will be living abroad. Your monthly rent, food expenses, internet fees, transport expenses, and other expenses related to your MBBS in Russia will also be your responsibility. You’ll require between INR 30,000 and 50,000 (or about between RUB 31,262 and 52,104) to manage everything.

Average MBBS Tuition Fees INR 2.6 lakh to 6.3 lakh (RUB 2,60,520 to 6,56,000) per semester
Tuition Fees with Hostel & Mess charges 18,88,000 to 25,85,000 rupees (about 18 to 24 lakhs).
Cost of Living in Russia Monthly: 31.262-22.162 roubles (30,000-50,000 rupees).

How To Get Visa Arrangement Documents Step By Step:

Before applying for a visa, make sure you have the following papers ready:

  • Apassport or other form of identification that is still valid at least 18 months after the visa was issued.
  • Passport-size images.
  • Invitation letter from the GUVM.
  • Amedical statement stating that you are free of a disease like HIV.
  • Get your parents or legal guardians to sign a consent form if you are under the age of 18.

Invitation Letter to Study in Russia:

The Federal Migration Service of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia often issue these invitation letters.

Verify Your Financial Capability:

Determine whether or not you can afford the course. To reduce certain expenditures, you could also search for scholarships.

Apply to institutions:

Six Russian institutions allow you to, but proceed with caution! You must pass a test, go through an interview, and make it through the difficult hiring procedure before you are employed. They would issue you an invitation if you were the winner so you could obtain a visa.

Wait for your visa:

In two to five weeks, it should arrive. If you want the process to go more swiftly, you could have to pay more. The cost, however, may vary depending on where you reside. Contact a visa centre or Russian Embassy consulate to confirm your visa in order to pursue an MBBS in Russia.

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