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MBBS in Russia Studies for Indian Students

MBBS in Russia: Complete MBBS Course Details

MBBS in Russia  for Indian Students. The Russian government has subsidized fees by up to 70%. Making the lowest MBBS fees in Russia for Russian medical universities lower than in other countries. In Russia, the MBBS program takes 5.8 years to complete. Top medical colleges in Russia that are MCI/NMC and WHO approved offer English medium studies MBBS. MBBS from Russia is one of the best options for all Indian students interested in studying MBBS abroad.

Study MBBS from Russia: In recent decades, Russia has become a popular destination for international students interested in studying MBBS from abroad.

In comparison to other countries that offer MBBS abroad. Russia has nearly 30 positions on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Directory of World Medical Schools- WDOMS” list of top 100 Medical Universities. MBBS in Russia is one of the safest and best options for all students who are unable to secure a medical seat in India. But they do not want to miss a year due to a lack of top medical universities.

Russian medical universities

Medical graduates from Russian medical universities are currently working in world-class hospitals in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries. When compared to other western countries offering MBBS abroad, MBBS in Russia is one of the top choices for Indian medical aspirants. Because the cost of Medical Course in Russia is very affordable due to the highly subsidized fee by the Russian Ministry of Health and Education.

One of the main reasons why Indian medical students travel to Russia to study MBBS is the availability of high-quality medical education at a reasonable cost. In Russia, there are approximately 57 top MCI-accredited medical universities that provide quality medical education and globally recognized MBBS degrees. In all Russian medical universities, the student-teacher ratio is typically 7:1. Among these 57 57 top MCI approved Russian Medical Universities, approximately 12 of the Top MCI approved medical colleges in Russia offer a 6-year MBBS program in English.

Study MBBS in Russia

 There has been a tenfold increase in the number of international students, particularly Indian students, traveling to Russia to study MBBS. All medical universities in Russia that offer MBBS are accredited by the Medical Councils of leading countries such as India, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia, and Canada, and are listed with WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools).

The duration of MBBS in Russia is 6 years, and all international students enrolled in English. Students can also study a 6-year MBBS course in Russian. Despite the fact that the MBBS course in Russian will last seven years, including one year of Russian language training (Preparatory Faculty).

Fees for MBBS in Russia in Indian Rupees

The basic tuition fee for MBBS in Russia is 4000 US dollars = 2,80,000 Indian rupees per year, which is the lowest fee in Russia for MBBS study. The list of top Russian medical universities with tuition fees in Indian rupees. There are numerous career opportunities for medical graduates who completed their MBBS at Russian Medical Universities. Here are some of the best options available to you after completing your 6-year MBBS at one of Russia’s top medical universities.

Dates and deadlines for applying to MBBS programs in Russia

Admissions to MBBS programs in Russia typically begin on May 1st of each year. Applications start from May 1st through August 30th, and all applications till August 30th. It is recommended that all medical aspirants begin the application process as soon as possible because the ratio of medical aspirants is increasing every year while the seats remain the same. First-come, first-served basis Applications and are subject to seat availability. All applicants who apply early will be eligible for the benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia

 For aspiring Indian medical students interested in studying MBBS in Russia, there are no major eligibility criteria.

  1. Every Indian medical aspirant must have completed his or her class 12th in the field of Science, with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. For students in the unreserved category, a minimum of 50%.
  2. According to NMC guidelines, students in the reserved category (SC/ST/OBC) must obtain a minimum of 40% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (National Medical Council).
  3. The enrolled student has qualified for admission to Russian medical universities by passing the NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test). Qualifying for NEET by the National Medical Council, now known as the Medical Council of India, beginning in 2019.
  4. There are no additional examinations or entrance tests besides the three mentioned above.

Admission Process to Study MBBS in Russia

 The application process to study MBBS in Russia is straightforward. And the Twinkle Institute AB team of experts will assist you in making the admissions process a breeze.

All you have to do is follow the steps outlined below and you will be easily enrolled in the Top Medical Universities of Russia.

Complete the Application Form.

Submit all academic documents, including class 10 and 12 mark sheets, NEET scorecards, and passport-size photographs.

Even if you do not have your passport, you can still apply for admission and obtain one later.

After a week, the students will receive their Admission Letter from the university where they will study MBBS in Russia.

Students must apply for a ‘Visa Invitation Letter,’ which requires the following documents:

  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • HIV Report
  • Covid-19 Report
  • Passport
  • Photographs in passport size with a white background

Finally, the Visa Stamping step. Once everything is in order, students can simply pack their belongings and prepare to fly to Russia to fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming a globally recognized doctor.

Documents Required for Study MBBS in Russia

 Indian medical students who want to study MBBS at one of Russia’s top medical universities must have the following documents:

  • Passport valid for at least 18 months.
  • Certificates number ten and twelve.
  • Certificate of Birth.
  • 4 passport-sized photos.
  • Acceptance letter from the Russian Medical University.
  • HIV test results.
  • Approved documents by the Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi).
  • Any Russian Embassy must legalize all of your documents.
  • Receipt of payment of visa fees.
  • Receipt of university diploma + first-year tuition fees.

 Regarding Russia

Russia is a country located in Asia and Eastern Europe. Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, is the world’s largest country by land area. Moscow is Russia’s capital. Russia’s official name is the Russian Federation. Moscow, Russia’s capital, is the world’s largest city, with a population of 146.6 million people. The Russian government is founded on democratic principles. The Russian Federation borders Finland, Lithuania, and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Norway, Estonia, Mongolia, and North Korea on land.

Study MBBS in Russia

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