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Subject: Pending applications with initiators -regarding

  1. It has been informed of the recent eligibility certificate application scrutiny procedure (Annexure-I eligibility certificate issuance has been waiting with the applicants). The applications that were submitted by different applicants have been carefully examined by EMRB, NMC. We have found several shortcomings in the aforementioned applications in Annexure-I after thorough review.
  2. With regard to this, note that section 13(4B) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 provides the following: “(4B) A citizen of India shall not, after the date that the Central Government may designate under sub-section (3), be eligible to get admission to obtain a medical qualification granted by any medical institution in any foreign country without obtaining an eligibility certificate issued to him by the Council. If any such person obtains such qualification without obtaining such eligibility certificate, he shall not be eligible to appear in the screening test mentioned in sub-section (4A):Stated that an Indian citizen who obtained admission to a foreign medical institution prior to the implementation of the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act, 2001, or who obtained a medical qualification from a foreign medical institution shall not be required to obtain an eligibility certificate under this sub-section; rather, if he is qualified for admission to any medical course for a recognised medical qualification in any medical institution in India, he shall only be required to pass the prescribed screening test.
  3. As of the public notice dated April 5, 2019, the NEET-UG 2019 results have been announced, and as a result, after June 5, 2019, passing the qualifying exam has become mandatory. This certificate will be considered an eligibility certificate for Indian and OCI citizens who plan to enrol in an MBBS or equivalent medical programme at any foreign medical institution.
  4. It has been noted that candidates whose names appear in Annexure-I have travelled overseas without a certificate of eligibility. As a result, the Board has agreed to provide all such candidates (Annexure-I) ten days to submit their applications through the NMC eligibility portal. Applications whose names appear in Annexure-I will be summarily rejected if the listed applicants fail to submit their applications within ten days of this notice’s publication or fail to satisfy any deficiencies. Regn I/3638859/2023-R.15014/(Gen.)(93)/2023
  5. Regarding this, we appreciate your cooperation. Correcting the errors as soon as possible will speed up the eligibility certificate procedure and enable the applicants to proceed with their goals.
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