New NMC Guidelines for MBBS in Abroad

New NMC Guidelines for MBBS in Abroad

For those seeking an MBBS abroad, the National Medical Commission has updated its requirements. The new guidelines that international medical graduates must adhere to in order to receive a permanent registration to practise medicine in India are as follows:

  • In compliance with the NMC laws, foreign medical graduates must be awarded permanent registration.
  • Foreign medical graduates are required to finish their medical education in a foreign nation for a minimum of 54 months.
  • Graduates are required to complete a one-year obligatory internship in the same overseas medical facility.
  • English-language instructions are required for the MBBS programme in international medical universities.
  • International medical graduates must meet the prerequisites for education and training that are comparable to or equal to those of Indian medical graduates.
  • Verify if the medical university is authorised to provide licences to practise medicine in India and is registered with the appropriate regulatory organisation.
  • After submitting an application to the Commission, a foreign medical graduate must complete a supervised internship in India for at least a year after passing the National Exit Test (NExT) or any other required exam administered by the Commission.

Regulations’ applicability:

The following individuals will not be covered by these laws: 

a) Foreign Medical Graduates who obtained their foreign medical degree or main qualification prior to the regulations’ adoption;

b). Applicants who are studying for an MBBS overseas before these rules take effect;

c) Foreign medical graduates who have received notification from the Commission or the Central Government, as the case may be, expressly exempting them from the requirement.

Before new laws comes into effect, applicants who are enrolled in medical schools overseas and foreign medical graduates who have earned an MBBS degree from abroad or from any comparable programme will be subject to the previous restrictions.

If the applicant violates public policy or national security laws, the commission has the authority to deny them permanent registration to practise medicine.

Requirements for international medical graduates to be admitted to practise medicine in India

  • Foreign medical graduates are required to meet the same educational and training criteria as their Indian counterparts.
  • Admission to main medical school outside of India:
  • Subjects required for primary medical qualification and the length of MBBS programme abroad:
  • The academic, practical, and clinical training that foreign medical graduates should have completed is comparable to an Indian Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme.
  • A mandatory one-year internship in the same foreign medical institution should have been completed by graduates, in addition to practical training in clinical subjects such as general medicine, psychiatry, paediatrics, general surgery, anaesthesia, obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology, emergency or casualty services, and lab services.

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